Mahmoud Ghaffari

Born in 1976 in Tehran, Mahmoud Ghaffari entered the landscape of Iranian cinema with a dozen award-winning shorts, some of which received prizes from his home country. Very active on the Iranian television scene, in 2006 he produced two series, THE GREY GAME and THE ADMIRERS OF LOVE. He collaborated with filmmakers Bahman Ghobadi and Asghar Fahradi, among others, before directing his first feature film, IT'S A DREAM.

It’s a Dream

Roya, a young single woman, lives in a shelter. She escapes the watchful eye of her guardians as often as she can in order to pay her way out of a heavy debt. Energetic and shrewd, she juggles loans and soon finds herself at the heart of a little scheme that could prove to be lucrative. But social and sexual inequality throws a wrench in the works for this fighter. One can never shake off one’s shackles so easily.

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