Massoud Bakhshi

Massoud, who was born in 1972 in Tehran, holds a special place in Iranian cinema, which is abounding with creativity. His talent becomes obvious in his documentaries, going from serious drama (IDENTIFICATION OF A WOMAN) to the most biting and caustic humour (TEHRAN HAS NO MORE POMEGRANATES!) and in his first fiction short film (BAG DAD BARBER). A RESPECTABLE FAMILY is his first feature film.

A Respectable Family

Arash is an Iranian academic who lives in the West. He returns to Iran to teach in Shiraz, a city far from Tehran where his mother lives. Drawn into a series of domestic and financial dramas, he faces a country that is now alien to him. Following the death of his father and the discovery of what his “respectable family” has become, he is forced to make choices.

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