Mohsen Abdulvahab

Mohsen Abdolvahab was born in 1957 in Tehran. Abdolvahab is a graduate in Editing from the IRIB University. He began his cinematic career in 1980, editing over 30 documentary and feature films and producing 23 short documentaries and award-winning feature film documentaries. Previous film collaborations with Rakhshan Bani-Etemad include, Nargess and Gilaneh. He also won the Best film Prize at 1st Persian International Film Festival in 2012.


The New Year's Eve and the Iran-Iraq war, Tehran is being repeatedly attacked with missiles. Gilaneh, a lonely middle-aged villager has to send her son to the war. She must also accompany her daughter to Tehran in search of her son-in-law, who has illegally left the service…
15 years later: again the New Year's Eve, and Gilaneh – fatigued with life – is taking care of her chemically-wounded son and is also far away from her daughter. Incapable of looking after her son, Gilaneh is waiting for a woman from the South who has lost her husband in the war and made a promise to get married to Gilaneh's son…
This film depicts people whose love and destiny have been violated and changed by war.

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