Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Born on 1957 in Tehran. He spent four and a half years of his life in prison as a political activist from the age of 17 to 22. While in prison he became interested in writing. Currently there are 27 books published from Mohsen Makhmalbaf as a ground-breaking writer.
In 1994, he participated with two of his films “Time Of Love” & “Salam Cinema” in official section of Cannes Film Festival. He returned to Cannes in 1995 with his next film “Gabbeh”. At the same time his other film “A Moment Of Innocence” was premiered in Locarno film Festival in 1995. He took part in Venice film festival in 1996 with his film “The Silence”.
One year before the September 11th incident took place with his film “Kandahar”, premiered in Cannes film festival 2001, he put Afghanistan into the map before any other media. After making Kandahar he halted his filmmaking activities for two years in order to help and support Afghan Children thorough some of his Human Right activities. Mohsen Makhmalbaf managed to change a law in Iran, during the presidential period of the former democrat president of Iran Mr.Khatami, which resulted in the education of half a million Afghan Children refugees in Iran. He took charge of executing 82 projects in a 2 year period on education, building schools, teaching cinema and hygiene within Afghanistan as well as Iran to improve the living conditions of Afghan people.
Mohsen Makhmalbaf is the winner of more than 30 prominent international awards including the Legion d’honneur Medallion form France as well as The Best Asian Filmmaker of the world award from Pusan International Film Festival. He became the Dean of the Asian Film Academy in 2007.


Nafas is a young Afghan journalist, who took refuge in Canada. She receives a desperate letter from her younger sister, in Afghanistan, who has decided to put an end to her life before the eclipse. Nafas fled from her country during the civil war with the Taliban, but now decides to go back to Qandahar to give her sister assistance. She tries to enter from the irano-afghan border...

Screening with Buzkashi Boys.

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