Broken Smile | Australian Premiere


This is the tale of an ant travelling
in the company of pomegranates.

Screening with Like Someone in Love.


Price: Adult $18 | Concession $16
Screening At: Dendy Opera Quays
Date and Time: 9:00 PM | August 24, 2013
Original Title: لبخند شکسته
Country: Kurdistan, Iran
Language: Kurdish (English Subtitles)
Year: 2011
Runtime: 7 min

Director: Hiwa Aminnejad
Producer: Hiwa Aminnejad

Farzad Hassanmirzaei, Asieh Moradi, Omid Zandi, Sarina Alavizadeh, Fardin Zandi & Yeganeh Zohrabi

Director - Hiwa Aminnejad

Hiwa Aminnejad was born to a Kurdish middle class family in Baneh, Iranian Kurdistan, in 1973. He qualified in film direction from the Iranian Young Cinema Society in Tabriz. 
Being both Kurdish and Iranian he is fascinated by the everyday life of Iranian Kurds as they confront the contradicti…Read More

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